About Us

About Us

L.D.S consulting is a leading provider of general services and consultations located in one of the most prestigious areas in Istanbul-Turkey. We are a company specialized in providing all services and consultations of interest to investors, tourists, and those who are thinking to study, work or settle in Turkey 


We in L.D.S consulting with our long expertise and wide and distinguished relations try to get the best offers, and opportunities in various fields, and offer them to interested customers, and help them find the right offer that suite them and meets their wishes and needs 

Through our knowledge of the Turkish laws, we master all the procedures and steps required to accomplish business, the documents and all the paper work needed. We help our clients to start these procedures, follow the process with them step by step, provide advices in all aspects, and help to overcome obstacles that face them to obtain their goal in confidential, secure, reliable and legal ways, with a high degree of credibility and transparency

In L.D.S Consulting we provide services and consultations in all field related to investment, tourism, studying, and residence in Turkey

  • - Real Estate Investment: residential or commercial
  • - Tourism sector: general tourism, medical, and aesthetic
  • - Home and office furnishing services
  • - Health Insurance and Medical services
  • - Obtaining permits to stay and work in Turkey 
  • - Establishing business and companies and obtaining necessary licenses
  • - Studying and admission procedures and offers in Turkish Universities

L.D.S Consulting….. We care

About Us
About Us
About Us